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3/7/2024 i hope youre all fucking happy. hope youre all happy with your little insignificant lives. i want you all to burn and die. i want to mummify all of you in barbed wire and kiss your little lives goodbye. goodbye. goodbye.

1/29/2024 Lately I've been wanting to kill animals. But I can't catch any. I can't catch the birds that fly away, and the squirrels run away too fast. Something needs to die by my hand.

1/23/2024 It is unfair to live like this. Why was I cursed with ongoing burdens in my mind that I can't seem to ever forget? I don't know what to do with myself. I'm beginning to suspect that even my friends won't be able to comprehend me. I'm been thinking that finding love again will be impossible. I feel like I want to die. And while my body may fight to survive, my mentality will be at peace once dead. Fuck everything.

1/19/2024 I feel like my depression is getting worse again. I feel so hopeless, so lost again. How will I ever make it in life? Suicide seems like a comfort to think about again. Maybe I'll blow my head off like Kurt Cobain, or escape to Colorado and shoot myself like Sol Pais. I want to run away sometimes, but I know if I do that, life will be harder than it already is. Still, it is an interesting thought. I wonder if my parents will be more at ease if I ran away. They're not abusive or anything, but I feel like I'm such a burden to them. Anyways, oh well, whatever, nevermind.

1/18/2024 I still long for love again. I want a love partner. I still miss my ex, even though I was the one who broke up with her. She was like my soulmate, or maybe she was. But it wasn't working out, we were both in different states, far from each other, and we were online dating, so we roleplayed our actions with each other. Which I loved, but my parents didn't take her so kindly. They kind of convinced me to break up with her. But they were also right. She was almost always angry at me, and thought I was constantly cheating on her with my friends, she would always push a breakup whenever I was at my lowest points, and plus, she even tried ghosting me one time, and blamed it on a "manic episode" that she had. I want to start over. I want a girlfriend again. Will I ever find love again? Will I ever find my soulmate? I want to spend eternity with my soulmate.

1/17/2024 Alot has happened over the years. I went to a mental hospital. I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago. I don't think my medications for my depression is doing anything sometimes, but oh well. My parents would kill me if they found me editing this site on my computer at home, so I am currently editing and writing on my blog using a school computer. Fancy, right? It is cold as fuck over here right now. I love shotguns, I want one. I'll try and find a way to put in a guestbook for users to sign. Goodbye for now.

6/17/2022 Nothing that important here, just an entry for testing purposes.